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We are changing the speech about female sexuality and vibrators.

We are a feminine sex-body positive movement founded by two women: An Urologist specialized in sexual medicine and an industrial designer. We joined forces in order to change the speech about female sexuality and vibrators, which we call cheering devices or “alegradores”. We know you have doubts, fears and taboos and that is why we are working for you, so you can feel comfortable getting to know your own sexuality and experimenting with it, discovering that pleasure is natural.

Women who naturally incorporates  the right to feel pleasure through sexual life is an empowered women, we know that healthy sex life is a potent tool to improve all aspects of life and general wellness. So we generate  information and innovative devices, like the first hands free clitoral vibrator with a clamp system, Clit It, based in medical knowledge to improve your life.

GetMine Healthy Pleasure invite you to become responsible for your pleasure and of course your orgasms.

I would like to ask you: Do you know that less than 30% of women reach orgasm with a partner? Do you know that more than 70% of women need clitoral stimulation?

So, definitely there is something going on: many women have orgasms by themselves and cannot share their pleasure when they are with a partner due to many reasons such as fears, taboos and, what’s even more surprising, because they get distracted and do not work on reaching an orgasm! We talk about this and more, but we want to tell you we created Clit It is the first vibrator that is truly hands-free, with a unique clamp system that offers light pressure and vibration in any position, without distractions, so you can imagine what could be like not changing positions to obtain intense stimulation of the clitoris. As well, Clit It is the first pleasure device created as part of sex positive movement.

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5 mysteries about orgasm - cover

5 Mysteries about the orgasm

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What happens in your body when you have sex?
Do you know why you don’t reach orgasm sometimes?

At GetMine Healthy Pleasure we wish to share our experience as specialists in sexual medicine through our guides. In this issue: the guide “5 Mysteries about the orgasm.”

Plenty has been said about this topic. We want you to fully experience your sexuality, being aware of the same, focusing on connecting your body and mind so you can enrich your sexual experiences… either by yourself or with your partner.

Mª Fernanda Peraza Godoy
CEO & Co-founder of GetMine.
More than anything else, Mafe is a woman with her own voice, who is a professional Urologist andrologist specialized in sexual medicine. She is always trying to generate changes around the subject.

Eliana Rodríguez Capriles
CTO and Co-Founder of GetMine.
Eliana is an Industrial Designer, who is passionate about the excellence of a product that is carefully made. She always tries to empower her designs with her life philosophy, which is characterized by curiosity and common sense.

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